Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown

Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown started dancing when he was 3 as a fan of The Electric Boogaloos. He is 7 years old and a brand new 2nd grader! He learned the style of Locking, Popping & also hip-hop choreo. He later started to learn House & also Rapping. He was chosen as Mini Dancer of the year by Youth Rocks Awards in 2011. Miles has appeared on Ellen Degeneres, Yo Gabba Gabba, Disney Jr & was a finalist on NBC’s Americas Got Talent. He also appeared in the videos “Yeah 3X”(Chris Brown), “Loving you is Killing Me”(Aloe Blacc) & “Lego”(Stereotypes), a Bruce Weber(Moncler clothing) short film called “Don’t Steal the Jacket” & recently was featured in his 2nd Movie “Battlefield America” starring Marques Houston. While staying in school Miles continues to travel the world appearing at dance & theater events in Czech Republic, Paris, Japan, Milan & Hong Kong. He has a few commercials on rotation now and will be featured on JON CHU’s “S2DIO CITY” dance lifestyle channel.
His motto is “Dance from your heart, I love to dance because it makes me and everyone smile!”


Dance Mogul Magazine Exclusive… 

Dance Mogul: What’s your name?
Baby Boogaloo: My name is Miles Andrew Brown.

Dance Mogul: We see that you started at a really young age, what was it that sparked your interest? Was it an individual dancer, group, show?
Baby Boogaloo: I first loved to listen to Funk & Soul music before dancing. My dad later started showing me Soul Train’s classic episodes & European dance battles. These videos showcased popping, locking & house more than b-boying &  I would see poppers & lockers dance to the same music that my dad would show me.

Dance Mogul: Who has been helping you train and develop your skills?
Baby Boogaloo: I take multiple classes from different dancers/teachers and train around the school each week. I am part of a Dance team named Emanon. Beginning with this team helped me to learn, absorb and remember choreography. I would take this and apply it to classes I would take like Popping, Locking, House or even Krumping.

Dance Mogul: You have made numerous TV appearances, what has been your favorite one and have you been coached on how to carry yourself?
Baby Boogaloo: My favorite Tv appearance was being a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show. I wasn’t coached but I was told to be prepared that some questions may or may not be asked. That experience was so special because by luck I was approached by Ellen’s staff while dancing at the Santa Monica Promenade one day which was where I was filming my solo audition for upcoming America’s Got Talent (LA)auditions, and next thing you know I was the youngest hip-hop Dancer on her show! It changed everything for me!

Dance Mogul: How where you able to land your movie roles and what was that experience like?
Baby Boogaloo: I have appeared in my 1st short film “Don’t Steal the Jacket” produced by Little Bear INC. & Moncler Clothing. This was directed by photographer Bruce Weber. I was blessed to be recommended by my close friend Jon Boogz and Madonna’s dancer LiL Buck for another Weber produced commercial which led to the idea of the short film. From this opportunity, I was later asked to be part of Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. I was so excited and thankful to be part of a cast panel before a private screening of the Film.

Dance Mogul: Juste Debout is one of the biggest dance competitions in the world, what was it like to be in front of 1000’s of people at one time?
Baby Boogaloo: This is one of my favorite dance events that showcase the styles I grew up loving like Popping, Locking & House. To visit and just watch the event & hear the good music with my dad was the best but to finally do a special showcase and share the stage with my dad was something I will never forget! I really thank Bruce Ykanji, the Juste Debout staff & all the dancers for welcoming me every year!

Dance Mogul: With all your traveling how do you balance your career with school and just being a regular kid?
Baby Boogaloo: My Parents told me school is always 1st priority. With the help and support from my school and awesome teachers, they allow me to still complete my current work while I travel as long as I can make them aware of my future travels. Most call this Independent Study. Thank you to my school!!
For my dance or acting career, my parents help keep everything I do fun, instead of treating each opportunity only as a job.

Dance Mogul: What do you hope to accomplish on your journey through dance?
Baby Boogaloo: I really hope to always have fun when I dance & Inspire every kid in the world who loves music and wants to try dance even if they are not the best or not the bigger dancer! I also would love to save my earnings for cool games & college one day so that I can be a doctor & still be a professional dancer.

Dance Mogul:  How are you able to focus on dance when kids your age want to play and watch tv?
Baby Boogaloo: It is like Debbie Deb’s famous song”When I hear music it makes me dance.” Also, I love watching someone Pop, House, Lock, or even B-Boy and then make a move and see if I can do it and then change it and make it my own version of the movie. This makes it a fun challenge every day. I still love to watch Tv, play games with my friends, laugh & joke around like any other kids but I also have a fun passion for dance.

Dance Mogul: What advice would you give kids your age that is inspired to dance?
Baby Boogaloo: Wow, I would like to say if you love to dance, keep doing it. Don’t worry about failing to try, because you never fail unless you give up before you try. Make sure you really listen to all types of music not just your favorite and then start dancing. I also learned don’t rely on tricks when you dance because when you take the music away you are not really dancing.

Dance Mogul:  Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Baby Boogaloo: I want to thank my parents, my sister Kiana, and all of my Corral-Brown family who supports me in everything I do. I want to thank Nelson Diaz & Diaz Management Group, my school and all of my teachers. I want to thank my best friend Isaiah & my favorite inspirations Ellen Degeneres, Byron Bucao & Emanon, Eva Lindemann & Bruce Weber, Frolab, The Electric Boogaloos(Boogaloo Sam, Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, Suga Pop, Mr. Wiggles), Boogaloo Shrimp, Shabba Doo, The Groovaloos, Aloe Blacc, Ross Harris, Peanut Butter Wolf, Crazy Legs, D-Stroy, Don Campbellock, Salah, Greenteck, Boogie Frantick, Devious & Eric, FlaTTop, The Jabbawockeez & all ABDC champions, So You Think you can Dance, Jon Chu, Chris Scott & The L.X.D., Freestyle Session, Juste Debout, IBE, Battle of the Year, SKill Methodz, Substance Over Hype, Saint Motel, Raw Kreation, LiL Buck, World of Dance, Miniotics, Character Crew, Jalen, Lil Demon, X-Mobb, R.N.G.,8flavahs, Bailey, Baby Wockee, Versa-Style, JUICE Festival, HipHop kemp, Chi town Finest breakers, Subotage, Yak Films, Pacific Rim Video, SThanlee, Michelle Harris, Scott Hesington,  DS2DIO, Judy Link & all the NBA Basketball teams I ever performed for.


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