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Dance Mogul: How did you get through the pandemic?


Naeemah: The pandemic was a crazy situation. It definitely sat me down, it sAt all the jobs down so we were definitely trying to figure that out. But throughout the whole pandemic, I just kept myself busy. I was teaching online. I was still making routines. I tried to keep myself connected to the community as much as possible. I just pushed through. I didn’t let it hold me back. I think we need to proceed with caution, but still, keep things going.


Dance Mogul: Did you work on your clothing brand and music more during the pandemic?


Naeemah: I definitely did. I put out more videos. I’m still consistently in the studio. I have new samples of clothing arriving next week, definitely wanted to dive into that. My music is something I am very passionate about and I will never stop working on it. I’m still working on getting this EP out. 


Dance Mogul: What was the process of getting the job at BET?


Naeemah: We were in rehearsals for the City Girls and Sean Bankhead said “I like you group of ladies, let’s see if you guys could come to LA to do the BET awards.” We got there and I had to work as a local. I only had a place to stay for three days and luckily I was in the right time,right space, right position. My friend Jeremy Green called and said “I just got booked to choreograph for Migos and Cardi B.” I told him I had days off and I could assist him. I asked if I could stay with him and he had extra space for me. We instantly went to the hotel, the next day and started rehearsals inside the gym. I met Cardi B, the Migos. Their energy was so pure, Cardi was so sweet and so gentle. I was thankful to be in that position. It started with the City Girls and god blessed me with another job and I’m so thankful. 


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Dance Mogul: What was your experience like at the BET Awards?


Naeemah: The experience of being in this state of my career and with the caliber of artists that I’m working with is such a blessing, to touch them, talk to them, and be around their energy. Being on stage it’s like “Oh my god, this is my moment.” When I was standing next to Cardi B and we started walking up together, I so feel blessed to share a moment like that.


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