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As a brand that claims to serve the people, you have to understand you don’t know it all and you will need help providing quality service if you wish to do it correctly. B-Boy Nemesis and B-Boy Bebo were some of the first to engage us and teach us the ins and outs of the breaking world. Nemesis has been on the front line and business end when it comes to the growth of breaking. Being the best dancer is not always executing a dance move, it’s also about executing strategies and plans. Nemesis has been doing that for years and doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

Dance Mogul: Nemesis, you’ve been our tour guide on several occasions into the vast world of breaking. As we look into the New Year how does the future of breaking look in your opinion?

Nemesis: The future of breaking is looking very bright. We have the attention of many celebrities and online media platforms that are paying attention to every move we make. They watch all the videos, comment and repost them. I feel like our community is getting out there and that we are in the middle of a great shift. Sponsors are hearing stories about our events and seem to want to be apart of the growth. 2018 looks like it’s going to be very interesting.

Dance Mogul: What are some of the events out there leading the charge?

Nemesis: As far as the world circuit goes, the people or the events that are in a leadership position is Redbull, The Silverback Open, Freestyle Session, Undisputed, U.K. B-Boy Champs and Battle of the Year. In my personal opinion, there are other events that happen that have greater vibes and gives B-Boys and B-Girls a better feel for events, but we will see how these events do in 2018.

Dance Mogul: There are millions of breakers in the world, some with business savvy and cultural integrity. How do we start to create more responsibility when it comes to ownership and growing brands from the ground up together?

Nemesis: Ownership can be retained by being passionate and understanding what you want within the culture. Build your own platform that serves you, your partnerships and the entire community. Let’s start to put things in perspective ourselves because as it grows you will have people that come in that don’t have anything to do with the culture.





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