Nicholas “Slick” Stewart | Rihanna ANTI-World Tour


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Dance Mogul: How did you earn your spot on tour?

Slick: Our story is actually crazy. At first, it was only hip-hop choreography and vogue they wanted to see for the audition. My friend told me about the audition the day off and She told me why not go, your free today. My other roommates asked if I was going because it was vogue and choreo I said yea lets go try it we have nothing to lose. We got to the audition and the choreographer Hi Hat said this might not be for us because its vogue freestyle. We said ok cool thanks for letting us know and we went home. She didn’t want to waste our time. She is such an inspiring individual. Shortly after about 2 hours later I received a text from my agency saying Hi Hat wants you to come freestyle on camera with my friend Habby. We brought Chinx and headed to the audition again. We stayed until we were the last ones in the building out of over 700 dancers. We freestyled, and then I received a call next week saying If I’m available for the job. I dropped down in the middle of the floor and began thanking God and then my Hubby received the call right after.

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Dance Mogul:  What is the work ethic like preparing for the road and performing night after night?

Slick: The work ethic is crazy. Your body has to be in tip top shape as your performing daily in different time zones depending on where you are. Jet lag is a major issue so rest is essential. The road to tour is difficult. Your body really goes threw it. Preparing and changing routines all the time. Last minute changes. It’s a lot, but it’s worth it.

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Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for the next generation of dancers that are inspired by you?

Slick: Everything and anything is possible. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I’m from Brooklyn and I never knew any of this was possible. Have faith, God has a plan. Work hard, stay humble, hungry and positive. He won’t give you anything you cant endure.


Keep up with Slick while he is on tour @slickbonebreaker

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