Power Rangers | !LLMIND and ALL DEF DIGITAL Exclusive

Dance Mogul: How did you choose the dancers for this project?
Scott Weintrob: To find the dancers, All Def’s in-house talent team collaborated with The World of Dance to search for dancers who could both represent the Power Rangers and bring their own style to the project. We selected highly skilled Dance Influencers who hit the film’s target demographic and had the skills to bring the video to life.
Dance Mogul: Was it difficult to tie in the concept of dance with the Power Ranger movie theme?
Scott Weintrob: We felt the themes of the Power Rangers tied beautifully to the concept of dance. The Power Rangers have always been about a group of kids who are discovering their power and coming together as a team. This is incredibly similar to dance in that you must harness the power of your body to realize a difficult dance and you must work as a team to pull off a choreographed group dance.

Dance Mogul: Most of us have grown up on the power rangers and watched them reinvent them each decade, did that come into play during the creation of this project?
Scott Weintrob: We wanted to create a video that honored fans of the Power Rangers old and new. While there have been many generations of Power Rangers, the core elements of the Rangers has always been the same. Even !llmind, the incredible producer of the track, was a huge fan of the Mighty Morphin original series.
Dance Mogul: Do you feel dancers are a great new marketing tool for today’s brands, tv and film?
Scott Weintrob: Dancers and Hip-Hop music are the perfect marketing tool for today’s brands, tv, and film. Music is universal and there is no better way to capture the spirit of a film/product than through an original piece of art the whole family can enjoy.
Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping on the project?
Scott Weintrob: We would like to thank !llmind for his hard work on the track, our tremendously talented dancers including Ian Eastwood (dancer/choreographer), All Def’s internal brand studio ADHD, The World of Dance, Lionsgate Films and of course Russell Simmons who made all of this possible.





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