Sakinah LeStage | Artist Development Specialist

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styled by @abspetit with @costoomz

 makeup artist @elisenicolemakeup

Dance Mogul: How did you get through the pandemic?

Sakinah: It was great for me, it gave me a chance to slow down. It was somewhat therapeutic, by me slowing down I was able to become more intentional and more grounded in my thoughts. I did a 21-day meditation with my friends, I explored other talents like painting and writing, and of course, I gained weight, lol. I really only hit a low when it was time to open back up, I was really sensitive at the time, I could feel everything, everyone’s anxiety and need to jump back out there head first, but I personally felt you needed a plan. But ultimately I let everything go, businesses, associations, etc. I let it all go and everything came back to me in a beneficial way that upgraded me to where I’m at now and I couldn’t be more grateful for the journey, transformation, and transition.


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Dance Mogul: Tell us about your Rolling Loud 2021 experience?

Sakinah: Wow!!!, so that moment has been kind of a build to the journey I’m stepping into as an Artist Development Specialist. During the pandemic, I was still receiving calls to work with and for people and the word that was going around was, I was one of the best Artist Developers around. I had already been working with the amazingly talented @lakeyah and @brskash so it went from small shows where I only needed a few dancers to now an event like Rolling Loud where I needed a lot more, lol. But it felt good to scout out new talent, I love the development process with everyone, not just the artist but also the dancers too. I know my gift is educating and developing the greatness within an individual. Both artists and their teams did their thing and were well received. I’m happy I could be a part of the process.



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Dance Mogul: What are your plans moving forward?

Sakinah: I’m definitely embracing this journey of an Artist Development Specialist. The most important aspect of that position is keeping it 100% with those who you work with at all times. That is the key to growing, accepting constructive criticism, drilling your weak points until they develop into your strongest. With that said I still dance, I still choreograph and direct. So I want to take the time to give the dancers some advice moving forward as we all get back to work. Understand the assignment, everything is not always about you. If you professionally deliver your highest self at all times in all situations your recognition will come organically. Every dancer will not be a celebrity dancer but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the best you in any situation that involves you as a dancer. We have to get back to being professionals and keeping our manners and home training at the forefront of our talents. Talent gets you in the door. Your morals, values, and principles determine how you move around once you’re in and ultimately if you get kicked out or not. We all have a chance to start over as artists and entertainers. Let’s all work towards building a better US so we can build a better industry, a better future.

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