Sho “”Tyfoon” Sakata / Dance Mogul Magazine /Exclusive

Dance Mogul Magazine had the privilege to sit down with one of Japan’s up and coming Lockers Sho “”Tyfoon” Sakata. He is currently studying education of Japanese language to teach those living in Japan , but cant speak the language. Another language he is interested in is the language of dance. He feels every dancer has a message and its expressed through their different styles. It is his hope to understand everyone through the universal language of dance.

Dance Mogul: You can start off by introducing yourself.

Tyfoon: My name is Sho Sakata , also known as Typhoon and I’m from Japan.

Dance Mogul: How long have you been dancing and what sparked your interests?

Tyfoon:: Ive been dancing for 3 years, so I’m fairly still new.  I would see dancing from the lockers and other dancers on Japanese TV and thought that it was funky.

Dance Mogul: Who are your favorite dancers?

Tyfoon:: The GoGo Brothers becasue they create new styles with the style that they do and surprise you every time. They understand how to make the old new.

Dance Mogul: What is your goal you hope to accomplish with dancing?

Tyfoon:: To take locking to another level in Japan.

Dance Mogul: Does Your family support you and your career?

Tyfoon:: Yes, they encourage me because they know dance is the core of my life.

Dance Mogul: Who has helped you develop your style?

Tyfoon:: At first I had no teachers so I would learn from my friends and videos. I think that was important becasue it help me to be myself and create my own individual style. Alot of dancers just copy their teacher and there is no freestyling in doing that. We have to remember to always keep freedom in mind. Recently visiting NYC Ive had the chance to train and develop my skill’s with NY’s first locker Shockalock. I look forward to returning to Japan with my new knowledge to pursue my goals.

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