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Slim Boogie Exclusive Interview

In today’s era of dance, choreography gets most of the praise, but in actuality, people are being praised for looking like someone else or doing what everyone else is doing. At Dance Mogul Magazine we encourage individuals to be different, expand their dance vocabulary and artistry. We know everyone doesn’t know how to naturally do that so it is our job to present people that can help inspire you to be the best you can be. Slim Boogie is one of the top poppers in the world and one of a handful of people that has his own unique style. We appreciate him taking the time to drop a few gems on the art form.

Dance Mogul: Slim, you’ve carved out a unique brand of popping for yourself in the midst of most following behind one another. Now it seems like more poppers are trying to develop their own style within the style, where do you see the future of popping going artistry wise?

Slim Boogie: I see Popping reaching a scale of art and creativity and being taken seriously because of the dedication and time to perfect small detailed movements in order to make a song come to life.

Dance Mogul: Who are the poppers that are leading the pack?

Slim Boogie: I’ve always thought that everyone is a threat, we have the ability to become great overnight, that’s the amazing part of artistry, something can click and someone now found something that fits them.

Dance Mogul: Popping, like locking and breaking are the most pimped out dance styles, where there isn’t a lot of ownership from the architects all the way down to the current generation. Where do we begin to solve that dynamic?

Slim Boogie: We need to come together and all recognize that there is an issue and that it has been pimped.

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