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Solo Expression was created by Anthony Solo Harris, who started off as an At-Risk youth but through dance was able to turn his life around. Anthony created Solo Expressions to be a new-age dance environment. An experience that has the traditional studio standards but our focus caters to the Developmentally Disabled and At-Risk Youth. Anyone can open up a dance studio but if there is no purpose behind it you’re doing yourself and the art form a disservice. Anthony was a part of the legendary ENVY dance group (est.2003) out of Newark NJ, The group that revitalized street dance when the new millennium hit and helped cultivate the Jersey Club dance style and energy. During that time with ENVY, Anthony performed on national television, and on stages around the country, and helped to shine the light on the positive energy Newark had to offer. Since then, Anthony has been teaching professionally for over 14 years. Anthony also has 10 years of direct care service with at-risk youth, developmentally disabled, senior communities, and physically impaired populations.

Every week I’m being sent new superstars to my studio or I’m being booked to come work on-site. I’m extremely grateful…

For individuals with developmental disabilities, dance can positively impact attention span, memory, ability to follow instructions, and physical strength and coordination. Dance is a powerful therapy because of its sensorimotor integration. It highlights expressing emotions and ideas through individual movements and requires participants to control their bodies while simultaneously participating in group movement. Dance will always encourage a healthy well-being. We have youth and adult services. FSS and IDD waivers accepted. Contact [email protected] for our sessions. Can’t come to the studio? No problem, we do on-site sessions as well.


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