StageMe and Dance Mogul Magazine are proud to announce the winner of the All Styles | 16’s and Under Contest

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“Dancers are athletes of God” ~ Albert Einstein~

Geo is a young hip hop dancer from Boston, Ma, MA. He has been dancing for 14 years and his styles of dancing are. Hip Hop, Poppin’, Lockin’, Flexing, House, Breakdancing and tap.Geo started dancing the minute he was able to walk after being around his cousin Mayan Tamang, a B-boy from the floorlords – he immediately starting to copy what they were doing on the floor. His cousin saw the potential in Geo and started to teach him a few moves. Within a few practices, Geo was able to pick and demonstrate the 6 step and how to do a head-spin. When Geo turned 11 years old he advanced and grew a love for Popping. He was welcomed into the Floorlords practice and learned the foundation of popping from a few members, Heat Rock One and Snap 2. Geo started picking it up quickly and entered numerous battles. Currently Geo finds himself being able to do crazy and amazing things with popping and tries to take it to a level where people can’t imagine. His dream is to become a young choreographer.

We caught up with Geo and here is what he had to say about the opportunity to showcase his talent to the masses.

” I would like to thank StageMe & Dance Mogul Magazine for creating another avenue to expose, promote and support artists in a positive manner.”

Winning Performance

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