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Javier Vachiano & Victor Ares from Barcelone,  Spain. They have been dancing for 9 years and their styles of dance are Waacking, Voguing, Hip Hop, Contemporary.

We had a chance to catch up with Javier & Victor and here is what they had to say about their  recent opportunity.” Both of us have been dancing since we were children. Javier started with Ballet, jazz and artistic gymnastic, Victor with hip hop and jazz.We met at a TV show like “SYTYCD” in Spain, and started working together ever since. We worked on a major musical in Spain and have taken courses throughout the country together.

One year ago we formed the dance group “House of pose”. We wanted to introduce the Waacking and Voguing on the national scene. We have gradually obtained results: silver medal in the championship of Spain and the opportunity to go to the world’s Hip Hop International in Vegas. Right now we are in a talent show in Spain like “Spain got talent” and achieved the second position in the final.

We think that Kumari is super vital and very experienced. She is a teacher with extensive knowledge and we continue to follow her work because we really like this originality and her desire to renew the Waacking.

She inspires us and she is very influential at the dance scene.”

Judge’s Comment:

Kumari also selected Javier & Victor as 2nd Place runners up in the Judges Pick.

Victor & Javier! I LOVE CASA DE POSE!! You were clean, exciting and most importantly entertaining to watch! Your technique is clear and strong. I love the location. The shirts were funky. And you added your own flavor to the dance which is so important. This would make a great duet for a Television show piece. SYTYCD Spain should have you on as Waacking choreographers. I always love to watch what Casa De Pose creates. Looking forward to seeing more!”



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