The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball / Celebrating Free Artistic Expression


The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball show is the longest running dance show in Southern California, and a popular monthly showcase of the top/elite choreographers in the world (video, music, and film). The show is run in Hollywood, with satellite choreographer’s balls in New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo. The show is considered the dance community’s ultimate competitive venue for choreographers to perform or display their work. The show was created by Los Angeles choreographers’ Carey Ysais and Paulette Azizian in 2000 to give working choreographers and dancers a venue where they could have free artistic expression without the constraints of an artist, a director, or a script.

Note the Demographics, notice the crowd appeal. Notice the multiculturalism, notice how the product is being handled. Note the crowd participation, but most of all Notice the Unity. The ABDC edition of Dance Mogul Magazine wasn’t ready for release yet, but we gave the dancers at the Carnival a sneak peak at what was to come. That is why the magazine is blurred.

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