The Giving Tree | 2015 Review


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The Giving Tree
Hosted by: Shelly Hutchinson
Location: The Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance | NYC
Date: 3-28-2015

We are now in the age of purpose.  With that being said events like The Giving Tree will soon be the norm in our world of Dance.  As dancers, we are blessed with amazing gifts and what better way to show appreciation for those gifts than to use them to benefit others.

Founder Shelly Hutchinson has assembled a great team of seed planters and go-givers to ensure the purpose of The Giving Tree is accomplished.  100% of the event’s proceeds go to Pediatric Cancer Awareness at St. Judes. Both show dates, March 28th and March 29th were sold out at the Salvatore Capezio Theater.  This says to us that the universe is responding to the work that is being put in by the individuals that understand the world revolves around giving.

Kudos to Shelly Hutchinson, the dance artists, and the choreographers that were involved. We also must begin to thank our audiences that come out. Times are getting harder in the economy and people are busier now more than ever trying to maintain.  So when people come out in numbers to support we have to be grateful and take our hats off to them as well.

“Very thankful for the experience…”
-Dance Mogul Magazine

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