The History of “The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew”


To Crazy Legs, and for the Rocking (Break Dancing) Community…

Back in 1975 Batch, Shark, and Cash formed a graffiti crew, we named it The Bronx Boys (TBB) since we were indeed from the Bronx, TBB fitted us just right. During those old school days, Up Rocking and Graffiti were the two best things for the young people growing up in the Bronx and tagging up was what motivated us the most since it contained the substance of what fame was to become of The Bronx Boys. We used to Up Rock and sip on a grape tasting wine that only cost us a dollar for a full extra large pint. This wine was called “Night Train”. If you were a Graffiti artist back then you’d know what I’m talking about. It got us warmed up, and ready to go bombing (tagging). I actually started tagging/graffiti back in 1974 when my name was Bat, and not until Cash and Shark added C-H to my name which became Batch. The reason for that was because I was not satisfied with a graffiti name that only contained three letters.

In 1975 on a hot summer July, while Up Rocking with some members of TBB Graffiti Artists a simple Up Rocking move turned into a falling mistake by a kid named TE-TE Rock (not the later TE-TE Rock) who fell to the ground and made a swift move that changed the Up Rocking dance art throughout the world. This dance art became known as Break Dancing since we jokingly called it breaking your ass on the concrete. But the better name for it is actually “Rocking” since it originated from Up Rock to start with. Therefore, I turned our graffiti crew (TBB) into TBB Rocking Crew. Then came Star Child LA Rock, and after that came Rock Well-Association. Notice that these old school B-Boy crews had the word Rock to their crew. And furthermore, notice the later Rock Steady Crew, also contained the word “Rock”. In 1979, when I broke up the TBB Rocking Crew and Jimmy Lee turned his TBB division to Rock Steady I asked him why that name? And he simply said to me: “Batch, because TBB Rocking Crew was always Rocking Steady! You get it?” I smiled and told him that was a cool name for the TBB division. The first Rock Steady shirts were brown with white letters, and on the bottom of the shirts, Jimmy added TBB to let the people know that Rock Steady was actually still The Bronx Boys.


In 1977, TBB Rocking Crew had spread largely throughout the Bronx which had caught the eye of Afrika Bambaataa and he called for a peace treaty between the two biggest organizations in the Bronx back then. Please feel free to question Afrika Bambaataa about this historical incident that took place back then. We met with him in the Webster projects for our interview, and we discussed issues that pertained to the safety of all the young people who used to attend Jams, DJ Parties, and School Yard Jams, etc. The agreement was settled with respect and great concern and consideration for the sake of the young people who liked to attend those old school days’ parties. The Zulu nation and TBB came together after that meeting with Afrika Bambaataa back in 1977.  Rock Steady was not around for 1977, I assure you this. And with respect for Crazy Legs,(who today is the leading father of Rock Steady) I want for him to truly understand that the anniversary of Rock Steady needs to be changed from 1977 to the official time when Rock Steady was actually formed, which was back in 1979, and not 1977.

And to further correct this issue, Rock Steady was not present for the 1977 blackout, and it was not around for the Killings of the Son of Sam incidents, which was also during the 1977 era. Rock Steady was not present when TBB Rocking Crew was out there destroying other crews in Rocking battles It is ridiculous to say that Rock Steady was out in 1977 when the true matter is that TBB Rocking Crew actually gave it life when I broke up TBB in 1979. And to date, I am glad to say that TBB is back out and strong as ever! Thanks to my little brother Aby, Trac-2, Don Tony, Trace-2 (my big brother), Bom-5, and the true warrior-Powerful Pexster, along with the many devoted TBB Rocking Crew members out there today. In 1979, when I broke up TBB one of my divisions from 183rd had come up with a new name for that TBB Rocking Crew division on Creston Ave. in the Bronx. Jimmy Lee and Jimmy Dee along with some other TBB Crew members gave it its new name “Rock Steady”. I am saddened and disappointed by the false information about the history of “Rocking” (which today they call it Break Dancing). I have come across much misleading subjects and statements which are truly fairy tale assumptions from individuals that writers interview for feedback and opinions are then add to these falsehood stories about the history of Rocking to their publishing mags, and books, with no regard to assure that what they are printing may just be misleading information about the history of Rocking.

Recently I read a book called Vibe History, and as I read the Rocking (Break Dancing) history section of the book I just had to laugh. Many of those individuals mentioned in the section on Rocking I’ve known them for years and grew up with many of them. Much of what I’ve read in that section on Rocking was nonsense. Needless to say, but true, that’s a prime example of what I mean by false information. However, the section contained some true substance from those individuals that knew what they were saying. In any event, though, I had to toss the book aside, when I noticed that the writer’s information lacked more substantial facts that needed to be represented to the true history of Rocking. The information was unbalanced with some historical eras and misconceptions… May I ask where was TBB Rocking Crew in those historical events? Not once were the fundamentals of TBB Rocking Crew ever mentioned in that section of Rocking from that book, Vibe History. Leaving out the main puzzles of the history of Rocking (Break Dancing) made the statements therein worthless to acknowledge. When we write about history, we don’t start from the middle of it; otherwise, it won’t contain any significance to its important value. With respect to Crazy Legs and his Rock Steady people, Rock Steady’s anniversary “year” needs to be corrected. If the celebration of it is going to be a real factor in its development from where it was first founded by Jimmy Lee and Jimmy Lee made up Rock Steady from a division that came out of TBB Rocking Crew back in 1979.

In my years since I knew Jimmy, he was a true TBB Rocking Crew Vice Pres, from the heart! He loved The Bronx Boys deeply. In Jimmy’s heart, to him, Rock Steady as acting was actually TBB Rocking Crew. I can honestly tell you this much about my brother Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee was always breaking other crews apart for TBB Rocking Crew when we would go battle against any crew out there back in those old school days. And when I made the decision to break up TBB Rocking Crew, Jimmy tried to convince me not to. He wasn’t alright with my decision but respectfully accepted it since I was the head pres of TBB Rocking Crew back then. And when I did, I left him without any other choice but to take his division and change the name of TBB Rocking Crew to Rock Steady which he had named it back in 1979. As for Crazy Legs, I honestly admire him, and I have nothing but love and respect for him. Especially for his honorable position today in the world of Rocking (Break Dancing), and for his love and part on the history of Rock Steady. In fact, I am a true fan of his. And let’s continue to keep in mind that Crazy Legs was, without question, the main one to bring Rocking (Break Dancing) back to life when it started to die out in the early 1980s, and who has gained the spotlight throughout the world for as being the originator of Rocking (Break Dancing). And whether he created the dance art or not, he surely deserves all the highlights and fame that he has managed to accomplish throughout the years for his ability determination, and for his personal dedication and involvement in the world of Hip Hop in general. So, just for the record, let me assure all you today in the Rocking communities that I only speak for what is right and fair, and for what TBB Rocking Crew sincerity stands for.

Moreover, TBB Rocking Crew will always be remembered as the true pioneers of Rocking, since after all, we are indeed the foundation of the dance art that The Bronx Boys have created. They’ll be many haters and opposers out there, who will never give TBB Rocking Crew their props and loyalty. But overall, and the positive good thing about TBB Rocking Crew is that we have many devoted members that will always support themselves, and they will see to it that The Bronx Boys will never be left out of the important part and role that we played in the history of Rocking, which we have been a true part of since 1975. So to all my TBB Rocking Crew peeps keep your heads up at all times, and know in your hearts that if it wasn’t for TBB Rocking Crew there would have not been Rock Steady and all of the many, many more crews that exist out there today, doing their thing with this unique art dance that has spread throughout the world today. Am I right Pexster Love? “Powerful Pexster” that is! Let us celebrate the anniversary of TBB Rocking Crew dating back to 1975. And to those of you who believe that the Rock Steady was around for the year 1977, I have a simple and polite question for you, and that is: “Where were you when the lights went out in New York City? Seriously?” I know I’ve said this over and over again, but Rock Steady was not present while TBB Rocking Crew was still in its existence back in those old school days. However, today TBB and Rock Steady are around at the same time. But the real funny thing is that TBB and Rock Steady are “twin brothers”; hypothetically speaking. Since Rock Steady was formed from TBB Rocking Crew the fact is that you really cannot separate them only by disagreement. And if my words are not good enough, call it what ya want it to be, ya still have the right to prove me wrong if I am. In fact, Crazy Legs was a TBB Rocking Crew member when he was just a kid growing up in the Bronx. He even stated it himself in the book called: “YES-YES YA”. Crazy Legs said: “I knew some of the Zulus, but my idols were other crews, like the original Rock Steady…The Bronx Boys (TBB) was the first crew I was ever down with”. And this is one of the reasons why I admire him the way I do. He’s a humble man, and I appreciate people with such characteristics in their personality. JoJo, ex-TBB member (Trace, Aby, Trac, Jimmy, and many more know this) stated this about Crazy Legs on another piece of article from the “Source Magazine” some years ago, said: “Crazy Legs as a little kid was in the audience cause he used to be in TBB Rocking Crew”. My question to JoJo right now would be: “Why are you denying the fact that you were down with TBB when you know that you were indeed a TBB Rocking Crew member back in the day?” Don’t front kid; you are welcomed back whenever you wish to rejoin what your heart calls for! I ain’t mad at you. Keep your head up JoJo!

In closing on this commentary I want to say that I have much love for all of you who are part of the Rock Steady community, and for those of you throughout the world who represents Rock Steady and TBB Rocking Crew. My homage and respect goes out to all of you that make the very unique difference in the art dance that we appreciate dearly, “Rocking” or “Break Dancing”, whatever ya wish to call it, is a true gift and blessing for all of us who put our emotions and hearts into it.

I am BATCH GOD Father of TBB Rocking Crew and Rock Steady.

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My reason for writing you this commentary is because I have come across some articles where you were quoted as saying that you formed ROCK STEADY back in 1977, which was incorrect, I, therefore, correct your misunderstanding since it also concerns the history of TBB ROCKING CREW which automatically makes it our business to bring up the exact facts on the issues before you. Further, so that The ROCKING COMMUNITY can have their own share of the history of how it all came about – in its proper form. So, please be patient with me. Allow me to address my facts in a reasonable, fair manner and in the way that it was. I’ll start off by saying that you were indeed one of the founders of ROCK STEADY. That’s a fact. Further, it is a true fact that you were a TBB ROCKING CREW member before ROCK STEADY which, according to my understanding, you deny. You have stated that ROCK STEADY was formed in 1977. That dear bro; is incorrect. ROCK STEADY was not around yet for 1977, not at all. The fact is that ROCK STEADY was actually formed back – way back in 1979. To be a little more specific, it was formed on June 16, 1979, the day after I broke up TBB on June 15, 1979. Fact, you are an old school leader. Today, I am proud that you are down with ROCK STEADY and of all of you in ROCK STEADY. No question about that. Fact, I admire Crazy Legs for bringing back ROCKING (BREAKDANCING) when it started to die out and when he became the second father of ROCKSTEADY back in the early 1980s. Fact, you, Jimmy Dee, and Jimmy Lee were the main founders of ROCK STEADY when you guys formed it back in 1979. Fact, your little brother EZ MIKE was a TBB ROCKING CREW Member as well and he also played a part in ROCK STEADY with you guys in 1979. I was caught by surprise though when EZ MIKE later left (BREAK DANCING) “ROCKING” and became a punk rocker.

I even remember the last time you and I saw each other while on the number four (4) Train. You were coming from work. You had all these working tools hanging from your belt, around your waist. Remember that? We talked about the breaking up of TBB and you had mentioned that you still had your old “TBB ROCKING CREW” shirt in your closet. Let me tell you in what year that incident took place, indeed, it was I986. You were telling me about your occupation which I believe was carpentry or something of that nature. If you don’t remember this, it’s OK, I understand. But the truth is that we all know you were, down with us, (TBB), little bro. And I can’t see why you would deny that. Fact, on the other hand, I can see why.

Fact, TBB ROCKING CREW was formed back (Officially) in 1975 on the East side of the Bronx, and it later formed many Divisions. Their Headquarters, then, moved to CRESTON AVENUE, exactly on 183RD, where you became part of it. It was the same Division – the one which JIMMY took charge of back then. Fact, JIMMY LEE, and JIMMY DEE along with ABY; TRACE-2, BRAT ONE, P.BODY 170, WHEEBLES, TEE ROCK, DJ. CROME, ACE, JERRY, LAZE, BON-2, LITTLE GEORGIE, LITTLE LIME, and the rest of that TBB Division from CRESTON, like RUBBERBAND (who first started the SPIDER MOVE), GEE MAN; all of them knew you were down with us. Fact, ROCK STEADY was not around for the killing spread of the Son of Sam which occurred in 1977. Further, ROCK STEADY was not present when the lights went out in New York City which was also in 1977. Oh shit! BATCH is right! Damn Yankees! (TBBROCKINGCREW). Fact, in 1977, TBB ROCKING CREW, STARCHILD-LA-ROCK, ROCKWELL ASSOCIATION, and the ZULU NATION were attending the same old schoolyard jam on 118 and 129. For that time, ROCKSTEADY was not around to battle against any of those crews. Why? Because TBB ROCKING CREW was still around and the only way for ROCKSTEADY to have come into existence was for TBB ROCKING CREW to first break up. Realistically, the future had it that way for ROCKSTEADY. So my point is that TBB ROCKING CREW gave birth to ROCKSTEADY when we broke up in 1979. ROCKSTEADY could have not been present while TBB ROCKING CREW was still alive during those old school days, when STARCHILD-LA-ROCK, ROCKWELL ASSOCIATION, and the ZULUS were out battling in Jams. It gets no realer than this little bro.

Fact, I have much love for all of you who lived and played the role in ROCKING (BREAKDANCING). You are an original B.BOY (BRONX BOY), and you are definitely from the old school. And in the world of ROCKING, you have always been appreciated. However, you have ROCK STEADY’s ANNIVERSARY year twisted dude. I can’t say that that’s CRAZY LEGS fault, he only went by what the original founders had to say about the history of ROCK STEADY. So, whatever year you and the others told him to place for its ANNIVERSARY- he did just that. You said 77 and CRAZYLEGS ran with it. This is sad. It’s sad because you have marked a false date on a celebration that is important to the history of ROCK STEADY. JIMMY went along with you only because JIMMY didn’t really know what to say about it since he lost trace on all that. So, he gave you the OK to state what you wanted to say about the history of ROCK STEADY. I ran into JIMMY in 1998. I asked him about this 1977 thing, and he told me that he didn’t know what to say so he left it up to you to fix with CRAZY LEGS. Further, he told you (back when you visited him) that whatever you do don’t mention TBB ROCKING CREW, for you not to go deep into the History of ROCKSTEADY. JOJO, you know what I’m saying right? However, JIMMY didn’t mean any harm when he said these things. He was just a bit concerned about his situation. We both know what that is right? Cool. Just fix ROCK STEADY’s ANNIVERSARY year and you are back in track with the true History of it.




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