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In 2014 Dance Mogul Magazine is geared up to give a voice to the voiceless. There are so many young dancers out there looking for leadership or becoming young leaders themselves and we are honored to be the platform to showcase their growth and successes. We had a chance to catch up with one of the young leaders of tomorrow Tamall Calloway.

My name is Tamall Calloway aka Cyborg 001, I’m from Auburn, Alabama a small country college football town in Southern Alabama. I’m a self-taught dancer for 3 years now, I learned everything in my early stages from Youtube, where I would repetitively watch dance videos for hours over and over again until I got better and better, every day I practiced. My style is Animatronics, also know as botting and animation combined, I am heavily influenced by some of the worlds best botters ranging from Bryan “Chibi” Gaynor, Chad “Madd Chadd” Smith, Josh Ventura and many more.

In 2012 I accomplished one of my biggest goals which were becoming apart of World Of Dance Network YouTube partners, this allowed me to reach my main objective and goal as a dancer which is to inspire everyone around with my craft, with my most recent video the objective was to use my style to make the song come to life and portray every sound in the song into a movement so people can see the music in a different aspect. I dance to inspire and to make music visible.

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