While taking Classical Ballet classes at an early age my career was finished before it got started. Due to a knee injury, I decided to go back to school to become a pharmacist. I was a pharmacist for 20 years until one day I decided I wanted to dance again. Dance is my passion, but now I have a family, two children, and a husband. My desire to dance again, lead me to take Hip Hop classes for 3 years. I finally got the courage to enter an International Dance Competition and the rest was history. I won Dancer of the Year (Balkan, in the Street Solo Category) I was very happy about winning because I used my own choreography to win. Dance lives in my heart and soul and to win 1st prize was truly an honor.  As I sit back, I am so thankful for such an opportunity because I was a senior in the category as far as age goes. The age range started at 16 years old and I was 41 at the time competing against 16 year olds.

After that event, I went on to do other competitions but my biggest success was winning 1st PRIZE at the World Dance Olympiad held in Moscow Russia. The age range in category; Street show solo seniors 2 (35+). At that time I was 43.

To date, I am still dancing, and now, I have my own studio with some partners that are 30 and up, the studio is called the Colors of Dance. For those that are wondering we also compete as a group. It should be noted that my partners do not have any prior dancing experience. The Arts bonds us together.

Once I found that there was a Magazine out that supported Hip Hop Dancers I was compelled to share my story. It is my ultimate goal to Inspire women all over the world of all ages to follow their dreams. I am a mother and wife and I am filled with some much joy. I would also like to emphasize not to let age keep you from pursuing your dreams.


I have the support of my family and my husband. I love him even more for understanding and being there for me.

I would like to thank Dance Mogul Magazine for sharing my story with the world.

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Love, Vesna Banovcanin Serbia..

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