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Dance Mogul Magazine gets invited to cover a lot of events some for hire and some for a cause. On April 6th 2013 we were asked to come to an event at the Astor Row Café in Harlem NYC sponsored by Zulu King Victor Ramos. This event was very special and dear to everyone because it was a fund raiser for Christina Kananishu.

While Christina continues her fight with throat cancer, Zulu King Slone felt the need to get involved and offer assistance. During tuff economic times Slone a Graffiti Hall of fame Winner decided to paint several custom pieces that could be seen hanging on all the walls of the Cafe’ to be auctioned off and all the proceeds would go to Christina to help with her fight. The owner of the Astor Row Cafe’ was also got involved and let Slone paint a special piece dedicated to Christina in the bath room of the Cafe. The event was Mc’ed by World famous DJ Amore Intlx Gomez .


The event was filled with music and entertainment the dance floor was packed and everyone seemed to be having a good time. To conclude, Dance Mogul Magazine is not able to make it to all events at this time but when we do its to bring the spirit of the event back to share with the rest of the world.

Shout out to Miranda Writes and the other performers for a great performance.

Shout out to the Universal Zulu Nation family that showed up and made me feel at home.

Special thanks to “ShockaLock”

Special thanks to jbada, LOC CREW, Miranda Writes, Kess the MC, Dj Amore, the UAB, UZN and jendoglone wolf


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