“At Sofrito’s  with my friends William Sonnet’ along with his girlfriend Alexa V. Morales, and the sofrito family,  big thanks to Benjamin Olan for always showing support for the people and the culture. And special shout out to Fiorella Muñiz who is a great friend to me for so many years. The night I was awarded the humanitarian award I wanted to share the big day with them. what a great time with some great people also.”  –Zulu King Slone




Dance Mogul Magazine celebrates Zulu King Slone for receiving the humanitarian award. The Humanitarian Award speaks to a life time commitment of service and dedication to people can culture. Zulu King Slone has demonstrated his on going willingness to find ways to  better serve the community. His ongoing commitment to create language through art  keeps him on purpose. Zulu King Slone heads up the Art Department for Universal Zulu Nation world wide and he also consults as Art Director for Dance Mogul Magazine. We would like to send out a blessing of continued success to Zulu King Slone and his family.


Dance Mogul: How do you keep finding ways to give back to the people to where you are receiving another award?

Zulu King Slone: By doing more work and focus on the people and the movement. I feel that doing this inspires people to seek change and move the culture forward.


Dance Mogul: What does this award me to you?

Zulu King Slone: This award means  to me  that what I do for the people and the culture matters. And also it speaks to a mass of people world wide.

Dance Mogul: How would you encourage young people to use their gifts to serve others?

Zulu King Slone: To the youth it says believe have a vision for your self, seek it and allow nothing to stand in the way of your passion and love for the craft you practice.

slone 3

Dance Mogul: How does it feel to be acknowledged and appreciated by your peers?

Zulu King Slone: Well it speaks  to the years I have seen a vision for myself and the culture. Letting my work speak for it self and seeing the joy that my art brings to all people.

Dance Mogul: How do you see yourself contributing to your community five years from now?

Zulu King Slone: Staying on the same path and having a simple approach to all things in life, I see myself doing the same things that got me to were I’m at today, and leaving a legacy for the next generation of young people to follow.

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Dance Mogul: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Zulu King Slone: I would like to thank so many people who saw the vision in  me many years ago. So with great love and honor, I would like to like to thank my family my parents for having me, and bringing into the world. And, Grand Master TC’ Islam who crowned me many years ago to kingship. To the Zulu Nation, and World Council and, Supreme World Council for giving me the honor to be promoted to  Executive Director for the Visual Arts Department world wide. To all my staff  in my department  I thank you all, with out you there is no me. To DJ Amore’ of the intlx’ and the wots crew.. for giving me my first show in the lower east side. And, the Dance Mogul team for honoring me with the Lifetime Achievement Award! with these people the truth will always be told to the people, and the world! And, my cousin  and his wife and family who when I lost everything in my life  was there to keep me moving believing and learning to love myself and my art again. If I forgot anyone  you know who you are I love you all as I love my art and my nation! Also big shout out to Mercedes De Jesusu and my crew the LOC crew look out crew wizards of the styles.crew members world wide I send you magical wizardry and success!
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Dance Mogul: Any closing words?

Zulu King Slone: In closing I say to all of you out there if you have a dream a vision. Search your hearts find your passion love it share it and give it freely. In the end my people your dream and vision will meet you at your stop, When it’s your turn to give back to something that has given so much to you!
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Zulu King Slone
Executive Director Visual Arts Dept – Zulu Nation
Art Director for the Dance Mogul Magazine
Founder of the WOTS crew –wizardsofthestyles.com


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