Dance Mogul: What has been the inspiration for your current work?
Leandro Santos Silva: I’m always inspired in many things, our days every day, people’s behavior, community, my culture, everything the I can send a message or make people feel something or thinking about something.

Dance Mogul:
What was it like to prepare for the performance?
Leandro Santos Silva: It’s very intense, because we do everything on our own, working on the music, costumes, choreography, I always feel we don’t have time enough for everything. But when you do all that work with love, its worth it.

Dance Mogul:
What message did you want the audience to take away from the performance?
Leandro Santos Silva: In the first one I was talking about our society, who we are and who we will become with our society, behavior, and attitudes. On the second one (Memoria ) Memory, It weaves tradition, religion, art, and music through generations connecting us back to the beginning and laying the foundation for the future.

received_10209214261183937Dance Mogul: Do you have any other plans for 2016?
Leandro Santos Silva: Yes many more things coming, the company will be performing in the Bahamas in June and we have been invited to an international Dance festival in South Africa where many great dance companies will perform too.


Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you with the production?
Leandro Santos Silva: Its a lot of people who are helped in many different ways but I don’t want to leave anyone out so I just wanted to thank everyone who’s helped and support our love for the Art and passion for life and special for my beautiful dancers.



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