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Dance Mogul: How did you get through the pandemic?
Angyil McNeal: I don’t even know if I’m through it. I’m still processing everything because it hit us all off guard. I’m still going through it; that’s the answer.

Dance Mogul: How did the pandemic affect you, your training, and your love for dance?
Angyil McNeal: I enjoy challenges because it’s like, “How can I adjust? How can I re-up?” and get back what I lost. I looked at it as a challenge, even though I didn’t necessarily want to go through it, but I focused on how I could bring those moments back and that motivation. It was difficult, but at the same time, what could we do? We push forward and work with what we can at the moment.

Dance Mogul: What was your mindset in terms of female dominance that was rising and now making sure that female presence is still felt in the culture?
Angyil McNeal: It was really interesting. In my mind, as things happened, I was hoping we didn’t have to start all over because we’ve already shown who we are and that we are more than capable. It allowed me to understand that I still need to be present regardless of whether the pandemic is happening or not. Yes, it’s frustrating, but the battle is still there, and I must keep pushing. Even if it’s male-dominated, even if the battles are slowed down, I still need to make sure my presence is shown as a woman so that we don’t get pushed back like we previously did.


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Dance Mogul: Tell us about the upcoming Red Bull events.
Angyil McNeal: Red Bull Dance Your Style is a competition where there are all styles. It allows other dancers of other genres to come and compete to the music that is selected. It gives a voice to people who are not necessarily just one dance genre. If you’re a dancer and you love movement, and you love music, you can showcase who you are as an individual. The audience members can go, “I like this, I enjoy this,” and it’s a way to artistically and physically express yourself outside of just one genre of dance. It’s a collaboration of different genres.

Dance Mogul: Why did you choose Red Bull to partner with as a dancer?
Angyil McNeal: One crucial thing to me is that I will be myself no matter what. If you want to work with me or I want to work with you, I won’t pretend, and I will express myself how I want to. I’m not going to change my answers to fit anything, and I’m going to speak my mind. Being who I am is important, so the fact that there was never a point where I had to change my answers or be something that I’m not is something I appreciate. I appreciate people who allow others to be who they are. That was my main reason.

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