Dance Mogul Magazine featuring Leah McFly | Spot-lite Article “Building Self Esteem”


Dance Mogul Magazine was founded by father and son team, Basil Harris and Anthony Harris. In an effort to help support and promote the importance of Arts and education, Dance Mogul Magazine was birthed. Since Dance Mogul Magazine’s conception in 2010, we have been sharing stories of dancers all over the world. We’re aware that far too many talented and hard-working street dancers, contemporary dancers and professional dancers in general, have not gotten due credit for their work; as a result, we’ve set out on a mission to help change that by inspiring and promoting Self-Empowerment through the pages of our publication. In this issue, we celebrate the women in dance, various successful artist, their strengths, beauty, individuality and how they contribute to the arts. Our spot-lite article will focus on building self-esteem and how it can have an impact on future generations. We hope that you are inspired and moved to action to continue to live the best life you want.  Download for free Click Here





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