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Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announces the digital release of the inspirational, family equestrian film If I Could Ride on April 4, 2023, in a deal with global film sales company MPX Films.


Based on the book of the same name by Donald Miller, the full-length feature was directed and produced by Shawn Welling, Welling Films written and produced by Miller. It will be available on transactional video on demand, cable, and streaming platforms, across the US and Canada. Welling also produced the films The Great American Action Hero, Mission From Outerspace, and the popular short, If I Could Talk. Set and filmed entirely on location in Vermont and New Hampshire; the film strives to demonstrate various iterations of unconditional love and themes, including friendship, honesty, coming-of-age independence, and perseverance that remind us all that setbacks, tragedies, and even bullying can all be part of life’s journey. And, of course, there are beautiful horses! Synopsis: A young girl dreams of a life riding horses but can’t because of a disability. When Bridget, the reigning equestrian champion, is injured, the two girls come together to learn the importance of following your dreams and never giving up. A family movie to be enjoyed by all ages.


Dance Mogul Exclusive Interview…


Dance Mogul: When did you develop a love for dance?
EVA IGO: I started dancing when I was three, but I think I began to understand and love it when I was about 8 or 9. My older sister danced, so watching her dance and teaching me taught me a lot about my passion and why I was doing it.

Dance Mogul: How did you develop a work ethic to be progressive and successful?
EVA IGO: I was always ambitious and competitive as a kid. I had a lot of goals set that I wanted to reach, and I think with the amount of time I had put into my dancing and experiences, I had given up on it. I decided my only option was to be the very best I could be. I put in a lot of extra work outside of dance to continue progressing. I didn’t have the most typical childhood and felt I was a bit of an outsider in activities that weren’t dance, so it became my safe place and where I wanted to spend all of my time.

Dance Mogul: Did you have family support?
EVA IGO: My family always supported me and my goals. Initially, my parents put me in dance because my sister was already there, so it just made sense. I started competitive dance when I was five, and that’s when my sister began working with me and teaching me at home. She is eight years older, so it became a routine in my family and escalated my progress more efficiently. My parents and siblings would be at every (very long) competition watching me perform and cheering me on. When it became more serious for me, I had so much support. My mom was SO excited about the show, and she took off work and went with me to Los Angeles for filming for 34 days straight. I am endlessly grateful to my family for their steadfast belief in me.

Dance Mogul: When did you realize you could be a professional?
EVA IGO: I don’t think there was a pivotal moment when I realized I could be a professional. I just knew it was something I would never stop doing, and it was always my answer when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, though I had no idea what it would look like. So when I got the opportunity to be on World of Dance when I was 14, it opened so many doors for me that I hadn’t even had time to consider. From there, it continued to develop and branch into other artistic areas like acting and teaching, and many of my other passions began to come through.

Dance Mogul: What have been some of your most memorable dance moments?
EVA IGO: My most memorable dance moments would be World of Dance and performing on Dance +5 in India. Though, the moments in rehearsals, which could be long and strenuous, are probably the moments that feel the most personal to me. Traveling and teaching with my sister was amazing. I was so lucky to experience that with her. Now, I teach dance and choreography on my own, so the moments my ideas and visions come to life impact me and inspire me.

Dance Mogul:
How did you survive the pandemic and overall day-to-day of 2020?
EVA IGO: 2020 was a challenge to stay motivated, especially when my life was dance, and I was training in my kitchen and teaching in my living room for months. But I made it through, and it made the time in the studio, performing and traveling, much more special when it came back. I filled in the time by watching a LOT of movies (the entire Marvel series). When I was training in acting, my mentor would give me a lot of other films to study, books to read, and scripts to tape as well. At that time, an opportunity to play a lead role in an amazing family movie, If I Could Ride, opened up. It was such a fabulous experience working with such a great director and actors. Working with and riding beautiful horses was enjoyable and a learning experience. The movie has such an inspiring story that will touch all ages. With its release on April 4th, I highly recommend everyone in the family to see it.

Dance Mogul: How has 2020 effective your artistic decisions and progress?
EVA IGO: 2020 is when I began teaching dance. My sister was running a training program via Zoom and had me on the faculty. That was when my teaching/choreography career began, so it was a new beginning. I also found myself hyper-focused on my acting training in 2020. It gave me a moment to reflect and direct my life into the career I wanted for myself.

Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for all artists as they work their way back to normalcy? Tell us about your current project.
EVA IGO: I would say to trust in yourself and your path. You never know where you could end up or what job you could have in your reach next. Navigating this industry’s twists and turns is a challenge, but getting through it is part of your unique story. My current project, “If I Could Ride,” took me to film in New Hampshire and Vermont. It was an amazing and quick 17 days spent on a farm surrounded by horses. Something I would’ve never predicted would happen! I got to meet the kindest humans I now have in the core group of people in my life, and I am so grateful Don Miller and Shawn Welling trusted me with this role.

Dance Mogul: What would you like your legacy with dance to look like 20 years from now?
EVA IGO: Dance will always hold a significant role in my life. I hope to continue choreographing and teaching while I delve further into my acting career. Acting and dancing in a movie musical is a bucket list part!

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you’d like to thank for helping you on your journey?
EVA IGO: Some so many people have helped me get to where I am. Of course, my family for making countless sacrifices so I could follow my dreams. My sister, for her coaching, time, and undying support. My home studio teacher and choreographer, Michele Larkin, for showing me the love of dance. Shawn Welling for hiring me for my first-ever acting role in 2018, and Don Miller, for allowing me to play the role of Bridgett in “If I Could Ride.” Finally, Geri Brown for being the absolute best mentor in both my career and life. I am so grateful God gave me the most supportive and inspiring core group of people who helped me get to where I am today.


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