Fresh Redding | The Coachella Experience 2019

Dance Mogul Magazine Exclusive… 


Dance Mogul: How did the opportunity to be a part of Kanye West’s Sunday Service at this year’s Coachella come about?
Fresh: It’s crazy because I was supposed to perform on the YG set, but it didn’t happen. Fatima and ADubz hit me up about coming on as an assistant choreographer/ Dance Captain for the Ye project. I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity. Fatima and ADubz have been allowing me to grow with them for a while and I’m super appreciative of that. Adubz put me to the test right away. He told me they needed 50 dancers and I had one day to mobilize. He also let me know I had to understand who I was working with and that Ye loves switching things on the fly. Kanye came up with the great idea to include students from performing arts schools, giving them an opportunity they would probably have to wait years for. Ironically, I work at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. I was able to bring in 15 amateurs from my school, dancers I’ve known that have been dancing for years, and those that are new to the LA grind.

Dance Mogul: What were the rehearsals like?
Fresh: Kanye was really big on everything being authentic. He helped us to see how he was creating a deep feeling that people could feel and experience. That was key to our rehearsals because we had to teach more of vibe than actual movement. It was more like creating an environment more than a typical choreographed set. We taught the dancers to breathe the moves not just dance the moves to look cool. We would have two rehearsals going on at the same time. Some of us would be at the venue practicing and some of us were back in the studio. And we would be calling each other, back and forth, making changes based on the reality of what we were working with, at the moment.

Dance Mogul: Six months ago, people seemed to hate Kanye and disapproved of everything he was saying and doing. Now that it seems like he is doing something people are familiar with and okay with, people seem to accept him. As long as you’re doing something that fits into people’s boxes, it’s acceptable. Why do you feel there is so much hypocrisy when it comes to, not only Kanye, but society, as far as, going back and forth with their emotions?
Fresh: COMMUNICATION!!! Proper communication. See, with Sunday Service, Kanye found common ground to communicate through music and the environment he created so that he could be understood. He came to me personally and told me his vision was for everyone to enjoy Sunday Service, no matter your religion, politics, or race; and, I think, we as a society just have to find that medium of communication to balance out all of our views, even if they may differ.

Dance Mogul: What was the actual performance moment like?
Fresh: The exact moment was very liberating for me and for all of us, I’m sure. I felt a weight lifted. Kanye was so moved by what we were doing, he even joined in. Peers, celebrities, and supporters all vibing and celebrating together was so amazing. It was a perfect alignment.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you want to thank?
Fresh: I definitely want to thank Kanye for finding a way to communicate with everyone and be able to shine a positive light, Fatima, for allowing me to sponge and grow, and ADubz for helping me learn production and creative director processes quicker. I enjoy learning the most. Special thanks to Coachella for allowing a form of worship to God on their platform. And last but not least, ALL the dancers. I know we didn’t get any sleep, but it was all worth it. Thank you, Dance Mogul, for supporting me and documenting these important moments in my life.

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